November 22, 2011

A Few Days Later...

 Before anything I want to say thank you to all my wonderful blog friends who were and still are so supportive of my Craft Show experiment. Your encouragement and well wishes and sweet comments are what got me through it (without hiding in a corner) and helped me with the bit of "aww, it bombed" feeling I had Monday.

I have listed some of the ornaments in the shop and I've already sold a few. Yay! I have an order for a pair of mittens, an order for a hat, and an impending order for one, possibly two baby blankets (from one of Ben's co-workers. My husband likes to pimp out my knitting, hehe.)

I'm suddenly becoming very busy for this holiday season as far as knitting. So to anyone who was thinking of ordering something custom.... Now would be the time to get your requests in. Depending on the baby blankets, I should have a few slots left for small-ish things.

In between all that I have two shawls to finish. Heh.

I did order a few extra skeins of that delicious Foliage colorway and got the email that they are on their way! If I get some extra revenue in the next few weeks I will probably buy a few more. Before they are gone forever. Just because I love it. And I want to do so many things with it (scarves!). Or just roll around in it. I like getting big packages of yarn. It makes me giddy. :)

For those who like baby updates - I had a check up yesterday and my doctor uttered my favorite phrase ever: "Low risk pregnancy". Yay! I love hearing those words after having a rocky crash course the first time around. She is more than happy to let me do it all on my own again as long as everything keeps flowing nicely as it has been. I'm 25 weeks now, which makes my head spin. March will be here before we know it and we'll have a new squirming wee one right next to our bed.

Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving? Seems like we just had Easter. And 4th of July. And Halloween. I am looking forward to two days of turkey, but I am looking forward even more to smoked brisket on Saturday. Knowing how delicious Ben's tri tips have turned out, my mouth waters just thinking of this giant hunk of cow. He said he's getting up at 5 to start it. Yum yum yum!

I am also looking forward to that day because I would like to put up the tree and lights and start decorating for Christmas. I'm so excited for Christmas too! Last year was so nice being in our own home with our babies, and this year will be even better!

Time for breakfast!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve,


Farm Girl said...

I love that top picture with your ornaments. I am so happy you have all of those orders to work on. That will keep you busy, like you needed something to keep you busy, right?
I have no voice today. I don't feel bad just no voice. You should have seen me trying to tell Sasha to go outside.
I hope it is back tomorrow. I really didn't yell at all yesterday. :)
Well, see ya tomorrow.

Kessie said...

I'm glad your online shop is booming away! I've been eying those ornaments, myself, but I'm afraid the munchkins would throw them like balls. I'm also so thankful you have a low-risk pregnancy. It makes life so much easier, doesn't it?

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Hooray about the baby! So happy to hear the good news. I too am wondering where the time has gone. Sadly, yesterday I almost (I hope almost) wrote "Have a Happy Halloween" on people's blogs with my comments. Made me laugh when I realized it, but then panic that I may have actually written or said it to someone throughout the day. Oh well. Maybe it will make them chuckle too. Yummmmm.....that brisket sounds so good. Have a Happy {Halloween :)} Thanksgiving!!

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