November 14, 2011

Randomosity on a Monday

I feel like this today!
- It's Craft Show Prep Week! This week will be full of washing, blocking, tagging, labeling, printing, gathering, etc. And ornament knitting. Lots of ornament knitting.

- Our "dry run" was done on Saturday. We marked off a 10 x 10 area and used the picnic table that's probably close to the same size as our craft table will be. I think we're ready. But no telling until we actually get there and see all the variables.

- I am going with the expectation to bomb horribly and not sell a single thing. But at least recouping my vendor's fee would be cool.

- Our living room is (re)painted and (mostly) done! We just have to put some finishing touches, and do the hallway. The reveal will be... later! :)

- It makes me want to get new furniture. 

- I am so ready for Christmas. I just want to skip over Thanksgiving and get straight to Christmas. Is that bad? Decorating, and the tree, and giving people presents, and cooking and baking...

- Speaking of Thanksgiving, we're forgoing turkey this year (gasp!) and Ben is going to smoke a brisket. A whole stinkin' brisket. It's like half a cow. I am very excited about this.

- It's wonderfully brisk and chilly and we have the BEST tree across the street that shouts fall with it's color and immense blanket of fallen leaves. The poor neighbor's kid has got a heck of a rake job ahead of him.

- I think I'm using this blog post as a procrastination tool to avoid the craft show prep I need to get started on. But the laundry is started!

- Today seems like a good day to bake cookies. (More procrastination?)

If I don't talk to you before then, wish my luck this weekend! I'll post pictures of it all when I can. Have a lovely week, my friends.

Over and Out,


Farm Girl said...

Hey there, I am glad you got your living room painted. I can't wait to see it.
Do the boys need to come see Gama?
I was going to ask you that or you can come and just knit decorations here one day.
Just let me know. :)

ArtyMarti said...

Good luck with your craft show, and do make those cookies.

Dawn said...

Well now YOU are full of sunshine and happy-busy! I think you just rubbed off on me a bit...I too am so excited for Christmas. That is one of the reasons I love having Thanksgiving here in Canada in October. As soon as it's over my gears shift. Don't tell...but I had a huge urge to wrap Christmas presents last night, and the tree decorating is on the calendar for Sunday!
Good luck at your sale. I always say I'm happy with getting the fee back. It's usually better than that though:)))

MarmePurl said...

What a Happy Happy Happy post. It worked it's magic on me.

Kessie said...

Oh wow, you're going to be really busy! I hope everything goes good. I'm going to come visit you in your stall on the weekend. Maybe take some pictures for blogland, hee hee!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Whoo hoo! You're living room is {almost} done. Yes- the post, the laundry AND the baking can be chalked up to procrastination. :-) No, let's not skip Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas.....I plan on decorating Thanksgiving weekend {no tree this year because my lovely Jackson would probably strangle himself in the lights} so I need Thanksgiving before Christmas. Sorry - good thought though. Yum for the brisket! We're making the very non-traditional beer can chicken since it's only 4 of us. Have a great week!

no spring chicken said...

Oh I do wish you luck Meg. Then again, you don't need luck. If the people are there and at all willing to part with their money you will do well. You are a talented young lady! Enjoy yourself, it's so much fun meeting new people. Craft fair people are in general a great group. Don't forget that the best part of the day comes towards the end when you barter. Nobody wants to go home with what they brought so you trade some of your ornaments for others that you like. Maybe a hat for a perfect present made using a medium that you are impressed with but don't want to make yourself. Fun!

Blessings, Debbie

Allison said...

This is hilarious... I've missed you! Pictures of the roasting cow, please!! And of the craft show... and of the fallen leaves on your street... do I sound demanding? :D

Just one thing I don't agree with - your show is not going to bomb! xoxo

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