November 30, 2011

The Living Room!

No, this has nothing to do with the living room. But what better way to start the week than with piles of yarn? These came Monday and I'm very excited to have a few new skeins of the Foliage - 2 in fingering weight and 2 in worsted weight.

Now, on to the living room! I know y'all have been waiting for this. The pictures aren't great because it's still cloudy and dark, but I did the best I could. I love this weather for knitting, but not so much for taking pictures.

We must start at the beginning of course, so first - The Befores!

I had already started taping off before I remembered to take before pictures.

When we moved in we painted the entire house a pale shade of yellow. It was terrible. Horrible. Gross.

In the store it was a lovely shade. In our house, which gets a LOT of yellow tinted light it was... just not good. While the whole house felt warm, it was a sickly shade of yellow.
So, first we did the bedroom. Then I painted the kitchen with the leftovers. And over the past few weeks we did the living room!

It's AMAZING what a little bit of paint and some trim will do. And my mantle. My gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful mantle. (Thanks Dad! :D)

Have I mentioned we love chair rail? We really love chair rail. Especially since our bedroom and living room have vaulted ceilings - it really helps to break up the massive expanses of wall.

I love my living room so much now. I feel so comfortable and relaxed in it.

Eventually we'll be getting a new couch, entertainment center and some tables & lamps. But just the paint makes our existing furniture look a little better than it did. See what I meant by "sexy"?

And in case you're wondering just what that picture over the mantle is...


Of course. ;)

Happy Wednesday,


Farm Girl said...

It really does warm the room up. I do love the color and the chair rail looks good.
Soon as I am well I will come and see it in person.
Great yarn!!

ArtyMarti said...

Looks like a page from Better Homes and Gardens. Wonderful color and chair rail.

Anonymous said...

Looks great hon! Good job.

MarmePurl said...

guess how much I like that sheep picture

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Your living room is lovely and I am enjoying how your talent in knitting with wool is represented in the sheep picture over the mantle. Where does your Christmas tree go?

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Beautiful! I love the color and you are so right.....what a difference the RIGHT paint makes. I would like to re-paint our dining room because although the blue looked beautiful on the Martha Stewart paint chip, it's a little overwhelming on my walls. I haven't had the heart {read as courage} to ask {read as tell} my husband to add it to his "honey do" list. :-) Love the mantel, love the color, love the chair rail, and love the sheep photo!! You'll get inspiration from them everyday!

mountain mama said...

looks great! it's so important to feel warm and comfy at home!!

blessins to you and your family~

Lynn said...

Your paint job looks lovely. Funny, I was thinking I should paint my kitchen some warm yellow color -- now I'm wondering if that's such a great idea!

no spring chicken said...

It really is fabulous Meg... makes me wish I wasn't so lazy!

Blessings, Debbie

Allison said...

I love what you've done with the chair rail! I was wondering how I might do that in a swiss house and seeing how "easy" it is, maybe I will! Sexy, indeed! :)

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