November 28, 2011

Whew, Weekend!

 Happy After Thanksgiving everyone! How were your weekends? I hope you all had a wonderful, food filled holiday.

We were so busy, but it was such a nice FOUR DAY weekend. I haven't had my husband for four days since our vacation in August. Heck, I've barely had him for more than one day aside from the Craft Show. It was WONDERFUL!

We slept in, ate good food, and had way too much turkey (two families and two days of it, but in a good way). We smoked our brisket on Saturday and it was delicious. We'll be having leftovers tonight as sandwiches.

We went yesterday to get base moulding for our living room and Ben spent the day installing it. Our living room/entry/hallway is gorgeous. I'll take pictures when the lighting is better and share the results with you all. I know it was a successful weekend since Ben said he wished he had another day to putter around. I think it was good mental recharge.

I finished an order of ornaments, and started a few more for the boys since they have been asking for them. I can't stop! They're just so easy and quick and cute.

And today... Today is Monday. The devil has possessed my children and my house looked like it threw up on itself. It's been a slow cleaning process, but I'm just about back to some level of sanity.

And this week I don't have to go anywhere! Hallelujah!

28 Days Til Christmas!


Kim said...

I loved your post, until you got to the Christmas countdown. I'm never going to be ready.
Glad you had a nice holiday.

Farm Girl said...

OH I am so glad you had 4 days!!! It was hard to get back to normal today isn't it. I was wondering how your brisket turned out.
It all looks nice, I can't wait to come over and see all of your handywork. Well, I guess I need to get back at it too. Bye for now,

Dawn said...

Hahaha...I like your house description:D
Sounds like you needed those days...and just think- in about a month you should get more of them. And maybe more turkey too?:)

ArtyMarti said...

Ah but all that house mess, is a good reminder of the good times. Time is flying by.

Kessie said...

What a nice weekend! Sounds like you got a lot done. We'll have to arrange another playdate now that the first major holiday is over with, and nobody is sick (yet).

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