February 8, 2010

HouseWorks: Master Bedroom Redo

Our home was filled with lots of changes this weekend. My littlest baby boy moved into a crib into the boy's room Saturday night. As much as I wanted our room back, it was harder for me than I thought it would be to have him farther than two feet away. But it was time. He wasn't fitting in his bassinet anymore. He seems to be having fun with this brothers. The past two mornings have been filled with quiet giggling from all three of them.

Anyways. You don't want to hear my sappy story about how much I miss my little man. I know you're here to find out what we did this weekend. And boy, did we DO something.

We have been talking about getting chair rail in the house since we moved in. For Christmas, I decided what I wanted was to redo our bedroom. Well, things happen and we got busy and didn't have the extra money for it so it got put off. This Saturday Ben was talking about how he didn't have any projects this weekend. So I suggested we could do our bedroom, thinking I would just get a "yeah, maybe." Apparently it was the magic word though, because we packed up the kids, went to Lowe's and got trim and paint. So, here's what we did. First, the before so you can see just how plain it was. WARNING: This is a VERY picture heavy post.

 Our whole house is yellow. Inside and out. The color we chose for the walls is called "Cottonseed" and when we put the paint chip to the wall when we bought the house it looked like a nice cream color. 
 Apparently though, the light we get into the house makes it all look yellow. Very yellow. 

We're not into yellow.

Don't let the pictures fool you. It's yellow. (Why yes, those are fairies. I have a thing for fairies.)

We hauled everything out.

Taped off the wall where the chair rail would go. We decided to to a darker color underneath and a lighter color on top. So our line was where the middle of the chair rail would hit. The bottom of the railing is 36" from the floor.

We painted. I know, it looks purple here. Just stick with me. It's a blue-grey. It'll be good. I promise.

My sexy man nailing up the railing and base moulding.
And now.

The Afters....

We LOVE it. It's so GORGEOUS. 

We finished around 9:00 last night, moved everything back in, and just stared. And stared. (Please ignore the mirror. That will be changing.)

And "Oooooh"ed.

And "Aaaah"ed.

And there was a whole lot of "Holy crap that looks NICE!" It's so relaxing. And we kept saying how it looked like a nice hotel. And how we were glad it wasn't yellow.

And then we went to bed. Because we were pooped. Haha. 
What do you think? Just have to get some decorations in. Now we can't wait to do the rest of the house!


Farm Girl said...

Hey Megan,
That looks wonderful, it really makes your bedroom look so cozy and so nice. I really do love the chair rail and I looooove the color. It does seem so peaceful and warm.
Good job!!! Nice picture of Ben working too. I have such a wonderful son. I am so proud of you both!!

NetRaptor said...

OMG Meg, that looks so awesome! It doesn't even look like the same room anymore ... it looks like some spiffy hotel! I like the red bedspread, too. Adds a big splash of color against all the neutrals. Good job, both of you!

collegeboy157 said...

ZOMG I love it. I'm not usually one to get excited by interior decorating (or heaven forbid, magazines about it) but DAYUM. You and Ben make quite a good team. I have this sinking feeling that I'll never be as handy as Ben around the house.

However, I'll definitely be able to say to my wife, "I know some people who can do this," and I'll nod knowingly toward the photo of you and Ben sitting nearby.

Don't worry; I'd pay.

William said...

(Put the before and after photos side by side at the bottom!)

Meg said...

LOL William. You crack me up.

Thank you everyone! I'm so glad you like it. You'll all have to come over to see it. It's so much better in person!

Rachel said...

Holy freaking crap Megan! O.O
It's so sexy!!! Very, very nice. You guys did an amazing job!

Mom said...

WOW - It's incredible baby girl! You and Ben never cease to amaze me with your incredible talent and creativity. I couldn't swell with any more pride and not explode!

Meg said...

Aww, thanks mom. *blushes*

Infarrantly Creative said...

Wow those gray tones really worked for your room...that looks unbelievable.

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