February 10, 2010

FK: Little Hearts

Here's my knittery post I said was coming... Finally. I've actually been done with them for about a week now, but we were busy painting.

I don't usually get into decorating for holidays, aside from Christmas. I guess it's always just seemed like a lot of work that you have to clean up afterward. But... I got a wild hair to make a heart, for some reason. So I found  a pattern on Ravelry and made this:

Cute, yes? Adorable even. And ridiculously easy and fun to make. So I made another.

And another.

And then a few more...

 And even more still! They're like rabbits! I was a wee bit obsessed.

(Those front two aren't stuffed yet.) They took about 30 minutes each, depending on size. I would make one, stuff it, sew it up then set it on the desk with the others and giggle like a little girl. Then Ben would look at me and say, "Are you serious? Another one??" And then he would laugh at me because I'm a dork.*

This cup is now sitting on my desk, filled with hearts just like that. I think it's the cutest thing ever and I might leave it like that even after Valentines. I actually have four more, but the kids ran off with them - they like the "hairts" - and now I can't find them. Guess I'll have to make more!

Pattern: Little Hearts by Teresa Fox (find it here under "Free Patterns")

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver (100% acrylic) in "White", "Cherry Red", "Light Raspberry" and "Lipstick" and Lily Sugar n' Cream Stripes (100% cotton) in "Pinky Stripes" - Small bits of each.

Needles: US size 8/5mm and US size 6/4mm for varying heart sizes

YTD mileage: 0.05 miles

I think I might enlarge the pattern to make a pillow... or two. And I remembered I have some mohair remnants. I think I'll make a few fuzzy ones. ;)

*Funny story: One of the guys Ben works with is engaged to a knitter. So Ben tells him stories about my knitting or shows him pictures that I might send him and they talk about their crazy knitting women. Nice to know he has someone relate to.


Farm Girl said...

I had hearts for you and Kessie yesterday, but I ruined them by putting to much paint on them so I was mortified how they looked, it was just not a good week for crafts and me. I like that yours turned out so nice. I get obsessed with hearts too.

William said...

I "heart" this post!

But seriously, those hearts are awesome.

Teresa said...

That is exactly how they got started . . . I just couldn't stop making them and each one made me giggle! So I wrote down the pattern in the hopes that someone else would get the giggles. You are the first to describe the experience this way and I LOVE it!

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