February 21, 2010

HouseWorks: New Hutch Before and a Story of the HFH Restore

This is our new hutch. (Sorry for the crappy picture, it was cloudy and hard to get a good one). Yes, it needs some work, but that's OK because we got it at Goodwill for $25! Yes! Twenty five dollars. Ben has already sanded down the top section and he/we are going to paint it and do an antiquing finish on it. It's my job to get new hardware -hinges and pulls- and new doors for the upper section that will be cut for glass. We're also going to apply beadboard to the inside of the upper section but I have a different story about that.
While traveling around the interwebs to my various favorite money-saving websites I found this article on the Dollar Stretcher site. (Awesome site, by the way. Something for everyone and it updates on Mondays with new content). It talks about a place called the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where they sell extra building and decor items for discounted prices. I told Ben we needed to check it out, so yesterday we trekked out to the the more scary side of town to see what is was all about.

Oh. My. Sweet. Goodness. Lighting fixtures (nice ones) for $20 -$30. Large chandeliers for $70. Interior doors for $15-30. That article wasn't lying. They had all kinds of stuff! Pieces of furniture, tile, electrical stuff, even dishes. And apparently there is a yard that we didn't make it too. I saw a sign as we were walking out that said the yard had lumber and windows and all kinds of other stuff. We'll have to check that out later.

So here's where the beadboard comes in. I wanted to put beadboard/wanescotting on the back of the hutch. We found some there that said $5 a package. These packages covered 42" wide so we got 2, paying $10. Out of curiosity we checked out the same stuff at Lowe's when we went to get paint and found them for $10 EACH. Yep, payed half price. That made us really happy. We also found similar light fixtures for double the price as well. So, I would say if you ever need building materials or decor supplies, check there first.

In progress and after pictures of the hutch coming soon!

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Farm Girl said...

How awesome is that, I can wait to see the finished piece, where on earth is this place. I am going to have to go visit.

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