February 18, 2010

What's Cookin': Build Your Own Salad!

We really should have salad more often. I love salad. You can do pretty much anything with them. And they're cheap! This is a list of what we had on Tuesday night, but you can do so many other things. I won't have prices for everything since it was pick and choose, but you'll get the idea.

Build Your Own Salad - 4 large servings
2 hearts of Romain lettuce - 1.32
1 can kidney beans- .75
1 cup shredded cheddar
1 cup ham, diced - 1.20
Cooked peas (from frozen) - ?? (Not sure, been in the freezer awhile)
Fritos (leftover from the variety packs. Good way to use them up since no one seems to eat them...)
Sunflower kernels
Dressing of your choice (I got Lighthouse Ranch and Ceasar with a $1 off 2 coupon)

Wash and tear up the lettuce into edible pieces. Serve assorted toppings in bowls as a "buffet" style for everyone to choose their own. If you want easy clean up, then serve in Tupperware so that when you are done you can just snap a lid on the leftovers and stick in the fridge.

Total: About $1.00 per person, depending on toppings

Variations: You really could do absolutely anything. Any veggies in the world. Boiled eggs, chopped. Bacon, fried and crumbled. Ground beef, with a sour cream and salsa dressing and chips becomes taco salad. (I have a recipe passed on from my grandmother for a taco "salad" that I will share sometime in the future.) Nuts, olives, chicken.. whatever!

I am so happy that we are getting spring weather. Cold salads make for good (and cheap!) hot weather eating.


Farm Girl said...

It looks yummy, and I can't wait to see your grandmothers idea for salad. Do the boys eat salad?

Meg said...

Not as a whole. We give them little bits of lettuce and toppings in separate piles. They eat it all pretty well. The don't always eat the lettuce, but we tell them they have to have at least one bite. ;)

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