February 1, 2010

Menu Monday - 2/1 - 2/6

Someone wanna explain to me how the HECK we got to February. Wasn't Christmas yesterday?

It's another week, as well as another month, and that means a new menu! This week's list is:

Monday: Salisbury Steak & Taters   Scratch that! Ben said he would do hamburgers! Weee!
Tuesday: Birthday Dinner! Ben's cooking me tri-tip and I don't have to do a thing! :D
Wednesday: Crock Pot Chicken
Thursday: Chicken Tetrazzini
Friday: TBD
Saturday: Potato Soup (or maybe Tortilla soup if I have enough chicken)

You guys getting bored yet? Heh. I've come to realize that lately our menus have been pretty much the same thing. Maybe it's because Ben's been deciding what to have, and he likes what he likes! Or maybe it's because we're trying to tighten up the grocery budget so I'm not buying all the fancy things from meals past. Or maybe I'm just lazy (this is most likely the reason). I haven't posted a What's Cookin' recipe in awhile, so I will try to get something new for you guys soon.


Farm Girl said...

Hey I like it. Yeah, who could imagine we would be to Feb this fast. I like your tiles they look really good over your bed. Have you looked at all of the ideas for headboards on be different act normal? She has some cute ideas for headboards.
I like your menus and I am so glad Ben is cooking dinner for you on your birthday!!!
Have a great day, I will work on taking care of the environment. :)

Meg said...

I've seen a few different ideas that I like, but I showed Ben the Farmhouse Bed at Knock Off Wood, and he liked it. So we're planning on building that one as soon as we have some extra cash.


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