February 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Week of 2/15

I've had a sick baby since Thursday, so this will be a short post and I might not post again for another day or two. Being focused on him means no inspiration for posts. But I wanted to post my menu for the week since you all enjoy it.
Monday: Homemade pizza
Tuesday: Salad (we do buffet style where I'll set out toppings and you build your own)
Wednesday: Crock Pot Chicken
Thursday: Chicken Sandwiches
Friday: Cold pasta salad w/ leftover chicken

Also, I have to tell you I picked up the Tightwad Gazette I and II at the library on Saturday and I am SO excited to have these books. I hear/read people talking about them all the time and have wanted to get them for so long but haven't found them. I also found one called America's Cheapest Family that the librarian said was good and that people check it out a lot. I just love reading about saving money so much. I guess I'm kind of weird like that.

Have a great Monday!

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