March 13, 2010

A Birth Day To Remember

I'm going to try fill in some space to hopefully give you some warning before the pictures start up. Grandmas especially, you've been warned.

On this day three years ago, at 10:45 pm, Ben and I were blessed with our twin boys. When you're pregnant with your first child no one can possibly even try to explain to you and prepare you for what you will feel when you finally meet your new person (or persons, in this case). It was especially true for us - No one could have possibly prepared us for the trial that gave us our baby boys.

I don't know if anyone reading this is something other than family. So most of you will already know this story and have seen these pictures. But for anyone reading this that doesn't know our family, here is a little back story.

I was diagnosed with early preeclampsia when I was 6 months pregnant. My exciting, joyful pregnancy turned very scary, very quickly. I was blessed with a doctor that knew how to handle the situation, and we were able to catch it early enough. I spent 2 weeks on bedrest with medication and a low sodium diet before becoming very ill, rushed to the hospital, and being told that I was dieing - the babies would have to be taken and there was no guarentee that them, or I would survive

They were 27 weeks. It was the most terrifying thing Ben and I have ever been through. I have never prayed that hard in my life.

God is good, and He gave us an amazing NICU staff, the support of a truck load of friends and family, and two very strong fighter babies.
It was a very long three months and 5 days, but in what I can only explain as a miracle, our baby boys finally came home with no problems other than being small (they still wear 18 month clothing.)
No one can explain to you what you feel when you go through something like that. And no amount of hugs from people who love you can make it better. There were many nights of pain and crying, but so many more of pride and excitement with each ounce they gained or each wire and tube that wasn't needed anymore.
(Goofy still makes that face.)

I love my baby boys. We don't really talk much about that very short yet incredibly long time in our lives. We don't often look at the pictures of them strapped up to machines, with barely any skin. It reminds us too much of the fear and pain. But I remember every minute and to be honest... I wouldn't trade it. That experience brought me closer to my husband as we stood by each other through it all. It was very stressful, but it made me stronger.

 And it gave me the most gorgeous, dorkiest, hilarious, mischievous children I could  every possibly want. Happy Birthday Munchkins!

Our story is a rare one. Very often the mother, the baby(ies), or neither survive preeclampsia and eclampsia. If you would like more information about this very real and dangerous disease, or would like to find out how you can help find a prevention/cure, please visit the Preeclampsia Foundation.


NetRaptor said...

Happy birthday to you and the boys! I remember that time, and I'm so glad you all made it through all right. I think if most girls had as tough a start to their marriages as you and I, they'd stay married longer. :-)

collegeboy157 said...

It makes me sad, then happy. Happy birthday, gentlemen! ("Gentlebabies?")

Farm Girl said...

It is still very clear and real to me, I try not to go there in my mind but I do, I am so very thankful that they are so incredible and busy and normal today. It was such a hard step but look at all of the fruit.
I made it without crying too,

legna said...

Isn't it amazing how God can take ALL things and work them to the good of those who love him. I am so incredibly proud of those little guys, and you and Ben. You have no idea how amazing a witness for Christ you two presented when life smacked you between the eyes. Cheers to a job well done by you all and three amazing years and two adorable little boys.

Brenda said...

I didn't really know you, then - but I knew your momma! Boy, did we all pray! I remember learning that you were having twins and all I could think of then was man, this will be a very interesting start in motherhood and parenting. None of us, expected that it would be even tougher for you. But God has blessed you tons, since then and I too am so very thankful for God and his power and for the abilities he has blessed doctors and NICU staff with to save the tinest of his creation! (I have two nieces that were born at 26 and 28 weeks). Happy Birthday!

ps. The photo of with the thumb in it, reminds me of a photo I have of my niece with my thumb being as big as my nieces leg! Such contrast and perspective!

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