March 19, 2010

Favorite Thing / Fiber Friday!

This week's favorite thing is knitting. I suppose I should have had this as a favorite from the beginning since it really is my most favorite thing next to Ben. But I guess I hadn't thought of it because it's just such a normal part of my life. I knit every day, even if it's just a few stitches so I don't think about it. It's just there. Like my arms.

The picture above is my current progress on the Scrap Quilt blanket. The stripes are in the order the yarn came out of the bag without looking. It goes against my nature to just let things happen and see what color comes out. But it has been very fun and freeing to not have to think too hard about it. Just knit, then reach in and grab another ball. I have to admit that not putting it back and picking a different color has been hard.

Today though, for Fiber Friday, is this lace shawl. I haven't had an actual Fiber Friday to do what I want in awhile now, so I am excited to sit outside and knit. It's the Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl from last spring that I never got around to really working on. It's a mystery shawl, so I am working from charts without a picture of the final item. I love mystery shawls. They're so... mysterious (ha!). I hadn't gotten very far on this when I started - probably 20 or so rows - so I decided to frog it all and start over. That way I knew exactly where I was at (the beginning) and I could have the whole thing as my mileage total when I was done. I'm knitting out of some lace weight merino from KnitPicks that I dyed up using Kool-Aid. I just hope I have enough....

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Farm Girl said...

Hi Meg,
I am glad you got to have a fiber Friday. I am going to post what I did today for in the morning. I mainly got my flower beds manageable. I love it when you post your knitting. I love the patch work thing you are making and I always love the colors that you made yourself.

See ya tomorrow!

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