March 20, 2010

Mmmm Spring, How I Have Missed You

This is our Wisteria plant and it started budding a few weeks ago. Then all of a sudden, the other day, BAM! There's a truck load of flowers. It is the one plant that was alive when we bought the house. It was not this gorgeous though. Ben babied it last year with pruning and now it is thriving. And it smells deliciously amazing.I have a clothesline set up around our pergola now and I keep hoping that the clothes will be infused with this incredible scent.

I have missed spring so much. We've had gorgeous weather for the past week and I have spent just about every day outside reading, knitting, hanging clothes, or just sitting and enjoying it. Our bulbs are coming up nicely with their little green shoots. I got half of the tomato plants that sprouted into different containers now and I saw the other day that my bell peppers are starting to come up. I got the green beans planted and they should hopefully start sprouting next week. I'm am so very, very excited to have veggies from our own garden. I can't wait for harvest time.

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Farm Girl said...

I am so glad every thing is coming up and your wisteria looks so pretty.
Spring is such fun.

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