March 5, 2010

Favorite Thing Friday: Baking


This week's favorite thing is baking. I greatly enjoy baking. I love the smell and taste of fresh bread. I love how I can nourish my family with things I create. And there's something so very stress relieving about kneading and shaping a loaf of bread. I think baking is good for the soul.

Today would be Fiber Friday, but I think I will bake some bread as well. Ben is home sick today with a cold/flu/something he caught from work. When he actually comes home, instead of sticking it out at work, I know he is really sick. So I think baking some nice warm bread to go with some soup would be good. Plus I am making pizza for dinner so I need dough for that as well. And I might make some more granola while I'm at it....

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Farm Girl said...

That is to bad Ben is sick. I hope no one else gets what he has. Today is a good day to bake bread. I just didn't have the energy to have a fiber Friday either and I have just sat and looked at cookbooks.
Your bread looks wonderful though.

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