March 24, 2010

Wednesday Randomness

I felt like posting today, but don't have a topic in specific, so you get random today! And for a random picture you have this one of my munchkins playing with their new birthday present. It's a stomp rocket. I thought about showing you the one that includes Ben's really nice butt, but figured he would be opposed. ;)

Work on the Scrap blanket is almost done. I probably won't use up all the yarn, but I don't want it to be too big and unmanageable. So I will work just a bit more and call it good. I think I'll use any leftover yarn to make a baby blanket, if there's enough. Ben called it the most interestingly ugly blanket the other day and I said, yes but that's the point.

I'm about half-way through the second chart of the mystery shawl. I think there's 6 charts total, so I still have a ways to go. But I love lace deeply. I was thinking the other day that it is kind of sad that I'm not buying yarn this year and I hope I don't see any lace weight yarn sales.

I'm completely hooked on Dave Ramsey. While I've generally heard and know most of the things he says/suggests, it's so much fun to listen to him. My favorite part is when people call in to tell them they are debt free and it feels so good. I've been trying to finish the books I have so I can go back to the library and get some of his. I could practically survive on financial books.

I've created a new monthly budget sheet and I think I like it muchly. I'll post about that later, possibly with a version for you all to use if you'd like.

Along the lines of budget, I've decided to rework our groceries as far as what counts and what doesn't. We decided awhile ago that diapers don't count in the grocery budget, and now I'm deciding that household things like cleaning supplies and personal care won't count either. Not sure why I had always rolled these together, but I did and now I would prefer not to.

And along the lines of groceries I realized I'm getting really bored with what I've been cooking lately. I've gotten to where I cook the same things over and over. Which is cool for the most part since I can keep the prices down, but starting next week I'll be implementing at least one new recipe a week for awhile. I seem to go through phases of all known food, or all new food. I'll try to spice it up while still sticking to the budget. 

My green beans are sprouting! I have two little sprouts peaking through. I think I am excited about the green beans the most. I just love the way the plants look and how they climb all over everything. Over half of our bulbs are coming up as well. I'm still waiting on the lettuce though and am beginning to give up hope. I still have seeds left so I'm going to plant another batch and see what happens.

Today is "Mommy Sanity" day at Gma K's. I love Wednesdays to be able to get out of the house, let the kids play with the uncles, and get some girl time with my mom- and sis-in-law.

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Farm Girl said...

I am so glad you like to come over on Wednesdays. You don't know what a incredible compliment that is to like to go to Mom-in-laws. :) I cherish it.
I love random posts and pictures of boys!!

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