March 3, 2010

Knit Fix

Nothing like knitting to pull you out of a blog funk.

Last night I realized that since the baby blanket has been finished for three days I have no mindless "stupid knitting" to keep my hands busy while we're watching "TV" at night. (By the way, the little guy was born Monday around 4 and he is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!) I put TV in quotes because we watch shows via Hulu and Netflix - we don't have cable. Right now we're on Farscape, in between Stargate Atlantis dvds in the mail, and actiony enough that I need to actually watch it rather than listen-while-looking-up-occasionally. Thus the need for "stupid knitting". 

Usually for me that means doing a garter or stockinette blanket. Unfortunately, I don't have enough of any one yarn to make anything large. But then it hit me and got a BRILLIANT idea.

I have a TON of various colors of Lion Brand Homespun (which I love for blankets). All together, I probably have enough for a decent sized afghan. I have some full balls, and some partials, and some small remnants. So my idea is that I would make a "Knitted Scrap Quilt Blanket". Based off of quilts that use whatever scraps of fabric you have left.

How it works: I started winding up balls last night of all my various colors of Homespun. I would wind for awhile, cut the yarn, then make another ball of a different size, cut the yarn and so forth until I ran out of yarn and moved to the next color. I tried to vary the quantity of yarn in each ball. 


Then, I put all the balls into a large bag. To start, I reached into the bag and pulled out the first ball my fingers touched - no looking! I cast on with this. I will knit until this ball runs out, then I will get another one (again without looking), attach it, and keep going. So I will be completely surprised with each color that comes out and I will get a completely random blanket. This will use up all my extra Homespun, give me TONS of knitting mileage, and gives me the mindless knitting I need for show watching. So stay tuned for knitted quilt updates.

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