February 13, 2012

Scenes From the Weekend

Ben has started a tradition of buying me live flowers for Valentine's day. I love this idea so much, because they last so much longer and in the case of the tulips and daffodils from last year, they come back! These are my tulips he got me yesterday, in a box my mom-in-love made me. Aren't they just gorgeous? I love how it all looks on my table.

We roasted a turkey last night for dinner, along with potatoes, rolls and stuffing. And now I have a mess of turkey leftovers in the fridge slotted for eating over the next week. Yay!

The pansies, violas, and daffodils that he got me yesterday too. My flower bed is so cheerful now and I can't wait for them to spread and grow. It's so nice to have color in my flower beds.

I'm working on a baby outfit. The little jacket and booties are done and today is baby hat day. I love this yarn, I love this color, and I can't wait to dress up the little man in all of it.

Happy Monday! It's raining today and it's lovely.

How was your weekend?


Farm Girl said...

I love how your box looks with the tulips and I love your flowerbeds. I think I prefer live flowers to the other kind. I like that they come back. Your baby outfit looks so good and I can't wait to see the little hat.
It is coming so fast now, I went to bed last night thinking I need to sleep with my phone on my nightstand. :)
The turkey looks nice too.

Jennifer said...

Those flowers make me so happy!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

I can't believe you have flowers in your garden......so jealous. The box of tulips is simply beautiful. Can't wait to see the baby in that beautiful outfit. By the way, my husband is so impressed with those ornaments. He tells me "now that's one talented woman". Thought you'd get a kick out of that. He's so cute. After seeing your turkey, now I'm hungry for a turkey dinner. Looks scrumptious. Have a great Valentine's day!

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