February 23, 2012

What's Cookin: Tortilla Crisps

It seems like my kids are always hungry. Always. Especially after nap time. While I try not to let them get too full in the hours before dinner, they do need something to hold them over or I get the Monsters From Hell syndrome out of all of them.

Usually it's a piece of bread and butter, or a piece of cheese and/or fruit, or whatever baked good I have on the counter. Well, I've been lazy about the baking lately so yesterday when snack time came about I didn't have much.

I opened the fridge and there were some tortillas and hey! Here's ya a snack.

Tortilla Crisps - makes as many as you want
Flour Tortillas
Cinnamon & Sugar mixed together
Melted Butter

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Brush tortillas with melted butter and sprinkle with however much cinnamon and sugar mixture you want. Cut tortillas into eights an lay out on a cookie sheet/baking tray.

Pop into the oven for 5-15 minutes. You're looking for crispy and just starting to brown on the edges. Remove and let cool for a few minutes before eating.

They disappeared really fast. ;)

You could also do the same thing with a number of different spice mixtures like garlic and onion, or chili powder, or whatever.

Happy Eating,


Wordmom said...

Good Mom. Smart Mom.

Kim said...

Those sound good (and easy). I bet its yummy with some taco seasoning too.

no spring chicken said...

Delicious! Of course, mama would have to stay away because I think I would REALLY like them...

Blessings, Debbie

MarmePurl said...

You have such a way of bringing me back to happy memories of my child rearing days. I used to make these for after nap snack quite often.

Allison said...

My daughter left a note on the counter this morning begging me to buy snack food. :) Been away too long, I guess. So this is just perfect! Thanks!

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