April 23, 2011

Aww, I'm Not Special

The boysenberries are fruiting!
I've been thinking a lot about homesteading, farming (on a small scale), animal keeping, and general "rural" things lately. I'd like to some day move to a larger plot of land and take on more things for ourselves for not just self-sustainability, but for fun. I already greatly enjoy bread baking, cooking from scratch, getting back into sewing, and generally doing things for ourselves.

So, like anything else I get into my head, I've been doing lots of research and I realize...

I'm part of a "movement". Some "Back to the Land, Let's All Be Country" movement, mostly spurred on by the "economical crisis" (which is a whole different rant in itself) where people are trying to do things for themselves because they can't afford to have others do it for them right now. Which will probably change back to normal once the economy picks up again.

Rather than those of us who do it because we want to.

And I have to admit, I'm rather bummed.

Blueberries, getting plumper and promising a tasty harvest.
I don't like finding out I'm a "follower" of any kind. I like wandering my own way through this world.

So, I'll just keep going on my merry little path, doing my own thing, watching others come and go until just the real ones of us, the ones who actually desire to live the way we live (or will hopefully live in the future) are left. And then we'll all have tea and sit on the porch and chat.

That reminds me, there are two houses on my street for sale (one's rather cheap and the other I'm not sure the price yet). You know, in case any of y'all wanted to come live by me. ;)

Marchin' to my own drum,


Kessie said...

Oo, who is the realtor on the sign? I'm discovering lots of luck looking at realtor website listings, rather than just general "stuff for sale in your area" sites.

I'm dreaming at this point, but I can dream, can't I? :)

Meg said...

Emailed you!

Sue said...

It's all about having the right attitude, and you seem to have it. Living and farming is what we do, and if we had plenty of money, we would still want to do what we do.
I so enjoyed reading this, always so refreshing when I meet "for real people"
Many blessings to you and your family this Easter.

Allison said...

We're looking to buy/build a house, Meg. Hmm.... maybe I could get hubby to consider moving AROUND THE GLOBE? :D

Love your blueberry bushes.

And don't feel like a "follower". There is nothing new under the sun. None of us is truly original... we are hybrids of things we have seen and learned. But you are choosing a way of life...and that choice is yours. That makes your path unique and all your own. ;)

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