April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Yesterday was a full moon day, so I spent the weekend planting (almost) all of my above ground plant seeds. Corn, beans, spinach, lettuce, squashes and cantaloupe. I'm so excited. The only bad thing about planting is the waiting time. But as everything in my life is a continual lesson in patience, it's a good thing.

Anti-Cat devices
I was talking with Ben last night about bread and how we go through it so quickly that I should make more like 4 loaves at a time, rather than 2. But my KitchenAid mixer really can't handle more than a 2 loaf batch. The motor starts over heating and it smells gross.

So I decided I would try making a giant batch by hand today. It's been quite a while since I've made bread by hand and I hate to say I've become quite lazy, letting my mixer do all the work. It was nice to get back to the basic way of doing it and getting my hands dirty.

It's much bigger than it looks
If I made bread like this from now on though, I will have muscles of steel. Talk about a work out. But it was quite fun. And now I have four loaves rising and waiting for the oven.

What's this? A new project. It doesn't look like much now, but it will later, I promise. If I don't run out of yarn...

Have a wonderful Monday,


Farm Girl said...

Wow so glad you got your seeds planted. R. is taking off Wednesday I am hoping for a bunch of seed planting after that.
It is nice to make bread by hand.You are right you would have arms of steel.

no spring chicken said...

I'm wondering about this whole run outta yarn thing? Is there something more scientific we should be doing to make sure that it doesn't happen before we start? Obviously if we're starting with new skeins of exactly what is called for... but when we are using what we have (the way they did in the old days)? Any suggestions out there?

Blessings, Debbie

Meg said...

Debbie: Well, my usual method is start a project without thinking and pray I have enough. ;)

I'll write up a post to explain a few methods soon!

Kessie said...

Making bread by hand? Ugh, I think I'd drop dead of exhaustion halfway through. I make biscuits and pie crusts by hand, and those usually about do me in.

Grats on getting everything planted! It'll be so exciting to see it all sprouting. Corn is always my favorite to watch grow, because it's curly.

Allison said...

I love the looks of that bread! Making dandelion honey yesterday and today - I'll post the recipe and pictures. :)

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