April 22, 2011

Fiber Friday

Still the same.

Not a whole lot of knitting going on this week. I don't think I've touched the Green Thing all week. I've been busy doing other things. Things like....

Sorry for the crap picture.

Wednesday and Thursday I took a pattern, some fabric and my Trusty Steed (sewing machine) and popped out a dress.

Only... it doesn't fit. It's a wee bit on the tight side. Which I was afraid might happen. Good news is I found something that my boobs are actually too big to fit into. So I'm not terribly upset about it. ;)

I used a 5/8" seam allowance, so I figure I'll just re-seam with with a smaller allowance and that should give me the wiggle room. I can get it on and still breath, it's just a little uncomfortable.

Also good news is I think I might have enough let over to make a half apron. We'll see!

So, has anyone else been working on projects this week?

Happy Friday!


Kessie said...

Aw, but it's so cute! But how can you wear it if your boobs are too big? Put a shirt over the top? XD

Meg said...

Haha! I can just adjust the ease and let it out a little. I just have to work up the desire to practically re-sew the whole dress. =\

Farm Girl said...

I love the material and I am glad you found out something like that. :)
You did a very nice job.
Alas, I have nothing to show someday I will be sewing again, but nothing yet.
Have a lovely day.

Dawn said...

That;s a wonderful picture. Very cute!!!!
Happy Easter:)

Allison said...

Oh, so you have trouble finding things too small for your boobs, too? I thought that was just me! :D And after nursing four (count 'em) FOUR children... mine are reduced to empty water balloons (sorry, I couldn't resist). :)

Cute dress! You're amazing, Meg. I could never just "pop" out a dress. xoxo

Anonymous said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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