April 1, 2011

Scenes Of A Garden Creation

Please ignore the mess.
I've spoken briefly of our Great Backyard Landscape of 2011. This is a sort-of-before picture. Ben had already started to put in curbs. I think I have an actual before picture floating around somewhere, but I'll have to find it.

The biggest part of our backyard we're landscaping for, and the part we're most excited about, is the garden.

We have one of our boxes put together. I've started turning over the bottom dirt and filling the box with more. We're hoping to have two more of this 4' x 8' size, and maybe another 2'x 8' on the side.

These are the fence pieces that have gone up around the garden. I think the part I love about them is they are completely recycled. They used to be on our porch, for who knows what reason. We took them down and kept them, just in case. Then decided to put them around the garden and used every single piece but one picket. And we didn't have to buy extra material, like we were afraid might happen. 100% recycled!

After a long, sunny day, the garden is framed in! It's very handy having a husband who knows how to do just about everything under the sun. Welding is his specialty. The arches you see in the back have gone on the wood box and are supporting an anti-cat net.

I spent a good amount of time this morning weeding and getting rid of the grass in the background - just a bit more to go! I am burned, burned, burned, but it felt so good to work in the dirt. Ben has just a few little curbs to finish, then he can put in sprinklers and irrigation.

Now that I have one box nearly ready I will be able to start planting whenever I please. I think I will wait a few more weeks just in case we get some more cold weather. I've started little pots on the window sill of pinto beans, green beans, basil and hollyhocks.

I am SO excited for our first real garden, and the prospect of feeding my family from our own backyard and hard work.

Happy Friday,


Farm Girl said...

Oh he did such a nice job that Man of yours. I love the arches and the fence around the garden and I love your boxes. I can't wait to see how they will look with plants. So pretty.
Tell him that his handwork makes his mom so very happy and proud of him. :)

Allison said...

Lovely! You have a BIG backyard!!! Beautiful curvy deck, too.

We have a big garden now, but after we move... it's goodbye forever. Perhaps a head of lettuce, who knows. We're rather gardened-out! And last year, the weeds literally grew knee-high before I pulled them out. As we are planning our new house, I said, "Where are we going to put the garden?" To which hubby just stared at me... "You truly want a garden? TRULY?" :D :D

After a two minute silence I finally laughed. "Ok. Maybe I just like the IDEA of a garden." :D

So we will bring with us our fruit bushes: blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, black current, maybe plant an elderberry bush (my favorite)... all the things that are hard to buy fresh.

Changes in the wind said...

I am so excited for you and I hope you will continue to share your garden with us...

Kessie said...

That is looking great! And it looks like Saturday is going to be another gorgeous day for working outside. I recommend a large hat and sunscreen. :-)

The anti-cat net is a really great idea. With all those cats, you'll want it. It'll also keep out birds, too. I can't count the number of times my new seedlings got eaten by birds.

Meg said...

Kessie: Actually it doesn't go up over the top, but I'm sure we could put another one over it eventually. We're mainly just worried about the cats since they poop everywhere. Ben's hoping to get/borrow a cat trap and get rid of them all!

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