April 14, 2011


Hey it's Thursday! I have random thoughts that don't really have a place so...

Is this really the last thing I've worked on?
- I think my knitting mojo is gone. I haven't wanted to knit anything. It might be the endless miles of baby blanket that I've been working on. The same thing, over and over... I'm starting to think that by the time I get it done, the mama it's intended for might be on her second child... The only other thing I had going is a mystery shawl, but I'm caught up with it's clues and the next one doesn't come out til next week I think. So I cast on for a mystery shawl from 2 (umm, 3?) years ago that I never got to, to see if it's actually my knitting mojo, or just being stuck on a boring project. Or it might be that I have so many books I want to read right now...

- Thinking more about gardening, and talking to my grandmother, I think I might try planting "by the moon". She was telling me that my great grandmother would plant by the moons, and also in correlation with the Easter holidays (Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday) and always had wonderful, plentiful gardens. Now, I was going to wait until after Easter (or at the very least, that weekend) so this idea works perfectly. By using the moon method I should be planting by the 17th which also happens to be Palm Sunday. So we'll add this to the list of "Meg's Crackpot Ideas" and see what happens. I cheated and put my crazy-go-nuts green beans in the ground already because their roots were escaping from the peat pots. My tomatoes aren't ready though since I got started super late so we'll have to wait on those.

Before the ravaging.
 - My darling children were too quiet in the backyard yesterday, and upon investigating what exactly they were doing, I found that my precious cherry tree had been stripped of half it's wonderful little fruits-to-be. When children are silent it's BAD and should be inspected immediately. This PSA brought to you by Mothers Who Try to Not to Tie Up Their Children With Duct Tape.

- I want a chicken something awful. Well, a couple of chickens actually. Something about walking out to my back yard to get eggs sounds wonderful. Not to mention the animal camaraderie. Unfortunately, Ben is still opposed. The poor man spent too long cleaning stinky chicken coops. Which I completely understand. Maybe I should just get a stone chicken and put some eggs under it?

- This post that I found totally sums up the way I feel about the way I want to live. I especially love this quote: "The average American housewife for most of the 20th century didn’t work for wages. She labored for love of family." I find it incredibly sad that the way things used to be are so "old", "outdated" and looked down upon. We should all know how to grow, cook and can food, and be pretty good at repairing things - be it clothing or machinery. It also drives me up the wall that some people act like they can't live without internet or their stupid cell phones.

- Duder has been showing a serious interest in potty training. I'm trying not to get my hopes up it happening too soon, but I am STOKED about this. He runs and grabs my hand, takes me to the toilet, and lifts up his shirt while grunting and pulling at his pants and diaper. Almost frantic about it. He still doesn't know what to do with the toilet, but he understands what to do when you're next to it. And he gets very proud of himself by just sitting on it.

Hey, tomorrow's Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend,


Kessie said...

Oh no, not the cherries!! That's how I felt when mine picked all the buds off my hollyhock. Just, "...why, you guys? Why?"

I liked that post you linked to, particularly this line: "In my view preppers and survivalists are frightened people who believe that gadgets and stockpiles of food and ammo will somehow save them from their own ineptness."


Farm Girl said...

very nice post, I am glad that you still have some cherries. :)

no spring chicken said...

I loved the quote! If more women would just get this, the world would glow!!

Blessings, Debbie

Meg said...

Kess: That was the first line that popped out at me and I loved it. The sad thing is some people don't *want* to learn how to do things themselves, they just want the gadgets and the stockpiles.

Debbie: Hi there! I really believe the woman's place is in the home and the world would indeed be a better place if it were so for all families. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Sue said...

Enjoyed this post so much, you do beautiful hand work.
You are so right , when kids are quiet, they are into something, I know, this was a good memory for me, as our two oldest sons were always into some kind of mischief.
Loved the quote.

Allison said...

It's true about internet and cell phones, but sadly in many ways and many jobs it's required. Our society has made us that way. There are times I will shut my office door to resist seeing my computer, but I have to have my cell phone on me all the time for work. "Old news is no news" and the press doesn't wait... not even for translators. It's sad, and I have often lamented the old ways of life.

On the other hand, when my son contracted an auto-immune disease, I was as happy as could be to have technology at our fingertips. The doctors saw things they never would have seen one-hundred years ago, and that saved his life. It is at those times that I let my nostalgia for the past slip through my fingers like the sand on the beach.


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