November 23, 2010

Drive By Random

Good morning darlings! I'm busy busy today with baking and knitting (more on that later), but had some blog housekeeping (blogkeeping?) to do real quick and some random bits.

Hello, howdy and welcome to new readers who have found their way over from various places! I hope you enjoy your stay, but I will warn you it gets a little... weird around here sometimes.

First thing, it's been toes-and-fingers-falling-off cold here the last few days... Well, Ok it's been like low 60's. We're all wimps in California. But whatever temp it is where you are, I wanted to show you all that there fire to keep you warm. And hey guess what? It's (nearly) straight out of camera (SOOC). Pretty good if I do say so myself.

Thing the second: This blog's one year anniversary is coming up at the beginning of the month! Yay! Gosh, I can't believe it's been nearly a year already. And in honor of that, I'll be holding a giveaway! What am I giving away? Well I guess you'll just have to come back after the holiday and find out, won't you? It's a big one! Well, for me it is, and I hope you'll be excited about it too.

Remember Bill? Well Bill's getting brothers and sisters now. Apparently Bill's gorgeous, charming looks caused some people to fall in love with him, and now I have a customer! So I've been knitting Bills (and a Jane) and I'm laughing the whole way that out of all my knits, someone wanted me to make the zombie. My life cracks me up! :D

What shawl? I don't see a shawl. All I see is Bills!

And lastly, results from the poll are in! (Yes, there are 10 hours left vote, but I haven't gotten anymore votes in a few days, so I figure close enough.) Most of the comments said to leave everything the way it is - a jumbled mess of stuff! Which I guess is good because the blog is called "Little Bit of Life" not "Cooking" or "Knitting" and jumbled's how I roll. However, 3 out of 5 votes said more food, so I will try to be posting more recipes. I just need to get past the holidays. But I did put up one for a Chicken Bacon Frittata last night. Go check it out if you're thinkin' you need some bacony goodness!

Have a wonderful day,


Rita said...

What a beautiful restful blog you have here!

Allison said...

A BEAUTIFUL shawl! (You're hysterical about the zombie; thanks for making me laugh!) I am knitting a grass green shawl for a friend for Christmas right now. It has so many holes, but the yarn was hand-spun and naturally died here in Switzerland, so it's worth making it lovely. :)


Kessie said...

I think you should go on posting whatever you like, regardless of polling results! I do enjoy your recipes, but I like your other stuff, too.

I just love your fire. I'll bet it felt really nice today. I was out doing laundry, and it was just bitter outside.

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