November 29, 2010

FK: The Ombies

I think I'm creating a zombie apocalypse. Meet Bill II & Jane "Ombie". (That's what my kids call them. They haven't mastered Zs yet.)

These are the first out of the set of four (or possibly more) for my customer. See Jane's long hair? See Jane's dress? See Jane run? Whoops, wrong story.

Taking a small break in between to (hopefully) whip up the fingerless gloves, and then back to zombies! I'm nearly done with the first glove, so I am hoping to have them done by Wednesday, now that I've settled on a design.

Pattern: Bill & Jane Zombie by Meg

Yarn: Drops Alpaca in "Lime" and red and Knit Picks Stroll in "Dusk" and "Carnation"

Needles: US 1/2.25mm Susan Bates Quicksilver DPNs

YTD Mileage: Together they used up 155 yards, giving a new mileage total of 4.68!

Happy Knitting,


myletterstoemily said...

see jane grimace . . . i LOVE your
zombie features. wait, that didn't
come out like i meant for it to. :)
i'm sure you look nothing like a

now i'm making myself laugh.

merry Christmas,

Mom said...

Ouch - laughing so hard. I love your zombie features too. Mom

Farm Girl said...

They are so great!! I love Ombie Jane. I love her hair too.

Kessie said...

Those are awesome! Just wait, you'll get a million commissions and be making Ombies for years. :-)

Allison said...

Leave it to Meg to create dolls called Zombies! I have already come to love your sense of humor! These are cute!

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