November 17, 2010

Reader Input - A Poll!

I love writing my blog, and I've tried to get better about updating as often as I can with 3 crazed hooligans running rampant.

I'm curious now, to know what you guys like to see. What's your favorite part, and what would you like to see more of? Since it wouldn't be much of a blog if it weren't for the people who read it.

I really should have put another option on there: Leave it alone - I like everything, keep it up! So if that's your option or you have any other suggestions, go ahead and leave it in the comments!

This is also a cheap attempt to see how many people are actually floating around out there. Just thought I would come clean with that.

Whadda Ya Wanna See?


Kessie said...

I wish you had an "all of the above" button. I think everything you write about is really interesting and blog-worthy.

Farm Girl said...

I too would like a all of the above. I like everything you do.

Mom said...

Just write, I love your writing, oh... and keep in all the rest too!!!!

Mimi said...

"Leave it alone - I like everything, keep it up!"

I love your blog! I love it when you post! I like the variety you offer. You are such an amazing young woman with soooooo much wisdom! (And you always make me laugh!)
Thank you for every minute you share with us from your very busy life!

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