November 19, 2010

Week of Thanks :: Day 2

I was trying to think of what to be thankful for today. I could say things like my husband/boys/house/etc., but I'm trying to go out of the normal and really look at my life and give thanks for the things I haven't really put into words yet.

I wasn't sure what to post until just a little while ago. On Fridays my mom- and sis-in-love try to get together to do a Bible Study with just the three of us while the next generation runs around together. Each family has been sick in turn for the last three weeks, and this week is mom's turn. So Bible study got cancelled yet again, but my SIL said we should just do a play date instead.

So she and her kiddos came over, I made mac & cheese and cornbread and we just hung out, talked and had a really nice time.

And I realized today's post needed to say that I am very, very, very thankful for having such a wonderful family that I married into. We all get along and I feel like I've blended in so well. It's almost like I was raised in that house.

I am thankful that Ben's parents are so wonderful, loving and accepting of me, even when I have screwed up. They always forgive. They are always willing to talk to me, or listen to me, or let me come over whenever I want. Ben's mom even told him once while we were dating that if we broke up she would keep me and he could leave. Hehe.

I am thankful for the extra brothers and sisters I was given. I am thankful that Ben's sister and I are having babies at the same time, so that our kids have each other to play with, and we can gripe to each other about what we're going through. I love each of Ben's siblings so much and I couldn't ask for a better "extra" family.

I know not everyone gets good in-laws, let alone ones that are as amazing as mine. I have been blessed immensely.


Farm Girl said...

Wow!! Here I am sick and feeling crummy and you make me fell like a million buck. So thankful for you.
You have been such a blessing and this is a lovely post. I think I will print it out and frame it. :) So the next time I do something stupid I can see that sometimes I do make good decisions. I am so glad you and Kess had a good day.
I love you

Kessie said...

It was such a nice visit! My munchkins came home and crashed. I'm glad you married into our family. You do fit in so well, jokes and everything! :-)

texwisgirl said...

I've only known Kim for a little while through her blog, and I can tell she's a wonderful, warm, giving soul. Glad she found such a lovely extra daughter to love! :)

Allison said...

Is this you getting married, Meg? How did I miss this post?

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