November 2, 2010

What My Dreams Tell Me

Last night I had a dream that my sister was visiting and suddenly there was a warning that a tornado was coming. She told me to get some supplies and to bring them to the bathroom where we would hide in the bathtub under a mattress. You know, like you see in all the tornado movies.

Yes, I know this is a really bizarre dream. I don't ask for them.

So you know what I grabbed?

Flour, sugar and onions.

Apparently if there is ever a tornado and I need to feed people I will sustain us all with... Onion pie?

I have determined, from this dream, that flour, sugar and onions are apparently my most prized ingredients and I find them to be the most important. Although I would like to official add butter to the list.

Yeah, I am a bit hard up for blog content...Why do you ask?


NetRaptor said...

Lulz! Well, when I run out of flour, sugar and onions, I am one lost chef.

Hey, did you ever post the recipe for those killer granola bars you made? I was trying to remember what was in them, and the recipe at Smitten Kitchen wasn't quite what I was thinking of.

Meg said...

Hmm, apparently not. I thought I had. I'm not sure I still have my version written down... I'll have to see if I can find it.

myletterstoemily said...

well, meg, i am the official dream interpreter
in our family, and i think the flour, sugar,
and onions mean more than you are giving
them credit for.

flour is the basis of most baked items.
sugar sweetens even the worst moments.
onions make every casserole or soup
infinitely tastier.

what you assembled in that bathtub was
sustenance, sweetness, and taste.

doesn't that sound like you are the one
who will care for those in need in any

Farm Girl said...

Yeah, well I had never seen her before that is why I was rather shocked. All of the ladies in there are so over the top nice and kind, so it was just a bit of a shock. Maybe it was because she was new, maybe next time she will be different.

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