November 23, 2010

Week of Thanks :: Day 6

(This picture best shows my kids' personalities: Jack on the left, being nosy and getting into everyone's business. Ty on the right, tinkering and deep in thought off by himself. And Duder in the middle, being very busy and a total goofball.)

Today am I am thankful for the abundance that God has given us. We have been blessed in so many ways. We have a beautiful, simple home on a small bit of land. Ben has been blessed with a good, steady job. I am able to be a stay at home wife and mother. And we have three beautiful, wonderful baby boys who I love to death (even when they are driving me absolutely up the wall). We have never gone hungry, our "troubles" are few, and we have been given the gift of a large number of family and friends that love us.

May your days be as abundant as ours,


William said...

Great post! It made me even more cheerful than I was.

Also, I think you might've pushed the colors in photoshop a little too far in this picture. It looks surreal!

Meg said...

That's actually kinda what I was going for.

Allison said...

Oh yes... they do drive us up a wall sometimes, don't they? But they are what makes life worth living! Nice thoughts!

I will most definately post pics of the grass green shawl, Meg! I'm glad you want to see it. Right now, I'm debating as to whether I should pull out five rows of holes to knit lines in between hole rows, or if I should leave it the way it is. Ah!!! Decisions, decisions!

Farm Girl said...

Any post with the boys is always a winner in my book. Yes, I am so thankful for your life and all the God does day to day.

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