November 22, 2010

Week Of Thanks :: Day 5

Today's thanks is a little different.

Today I am thankful for Ben's job. Not that he has a job - which I'm definitely thankful for in itself - but for the place he works at.

My husband is a machinist and he works for a local mom & pop type oil tools shop. They're large enough, they just aren't a big snooty corporation. The owners are absolutely wonderful. They appreciate their employees and treat everyone like it. They are generous with the pay, as long as you earn it. There are many opportunities for over time and they give bonuses willingly as long as they can afford it. And they are very family friendly.

When Duder was born Ben hadn't been working there long enough to have vacation time, but they forwarded a few days to him in order to stay home with me and the boys while we adjusted to the addition.

And this year for Christmas they have decided that since everyone was asking for time off, they are going to shut down the whole shop and give everyone the week from Christmas to New Year's paid (not having to use our vacation time).

They really are a wonderful company, and I'm so thankful that Ben was able to get a job with them. It's been a really huge blessing for us at this stage in our life.


Farm Girl said...

Well that is huge!! I am so glad because Ben doe need a vacation. If you haven't done so go check out Lynne's Blog, Queen of the Castle.
So cool.

myletterstoemily said...

that is just wonderful! i pray you make
many precious memories in that one
special week.

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