December 30, 2010

2011 New Year's Resolutions!

My goodness. Where on EARTH did this year go? It just flew by and slapped me in the face as it went. Now I'm standing here a little dizzy and wondering what happened!

Well, another year means another list of resolutions. I've done pretty good with the 2010 list. I like to make a list of resolutions not really because I need or really want to get all the things on it done. But I think making a list of goals is a good way to start out a year. Even if you don't finish/reach them, at least you have goals in mind. Better than just floating around aimlessly without any purpose. Even if your goal is just "Live my life this year", that's still a goal!

So here are my 2011 New Year's Resolutions:

1. Pay off the car loan. We paid off 3 loans this year, including Ben's truck and another really big one! By putting our heads down and really getting serious we were able to put our money to good work. Our goal is to get the car paid off sometime this year and have no debt left but our house ( which we're also hoping to pay off in about 10 years or so).

Scratch that - our roof started leaking during this last big storm (and since I made this list) and changed our plans. This year means hopefully getting a new roof before next rainy season. This is a little more important than paying off the car, so wish us luck!

2. Knit 10 miles. Oooooh. I only did 5 this year. Think I can do it? Might be a lot of shawls!

3. Be a better blogger. Oy, this one winds up on the list a lot. But I've tried hard in the last few weeks to blog every day, or at least every other day. Hopefully no more week long pauses. And better pictures. Which will be easier with my new fancy DSLR! But I'll cut myself some slack on this one since my family comes first, of course and there's no telling what will happen with small ones.

4. Open a knitting business. That's already sort of started with the zombies. But my hope is to open an Etsy shop and get the word out. Hopefully I can sell more than just zombies, too. Hehe.

5. Start and keep at a 365 Project. This means taking and posting a picture every. single. day in 2011. Doesn't have to be a theme, or anything fancy. Just a picture, everyday. With the purpose to use it as practice at taking better pictures. This should also help with #3.

6. Start my own website and move the blog. There are things I would like to do (like offer patterns for free and sale and incorporate #4), and expand the design of the blog. Hopefully income from #4 will allow me to do that.

That's my list! It's a pretty big one this year.

Are you making resolutions this year? What are they?

Happy New Year!


William said...

My resolutions:

1. Get A's in school again.
2. Actually write blogs.
3. Drink less caffeine!

Farm Girl said...

Very good Megan and I know you will do them!! Mine are a secret. :)

Rodney said...

Thanks for sharing your New Year's Resolution. I'm so happy to know that we have almost the same things to accomplish. Only that I need to prioritize our roofing replacement project. My wife agreed on this one too. We've been looking for the best roofing contractors. Omaha is the best place to find some, a friend mentioned. That's because many roofing companies (Omaha NE) area are keen on providing quality services.

Thanks for the inspiring post! Hoe we were able to follow our resolutions this year. :)

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