December 10, 2010

This Could Actually Be A Bad Thing

I have been cranking out the knits lately. Zombies, mostly (as I'm sure you all know by now) but I squeezed in the pair of fingerless mitts. And all this productivity got me thinking...

This might be a bad thing. To be this productive. Because now... Now I'll expect it from myself. Or worse yet, other people will expect it of me. Heh.

I can do a zombie in 3 to 4 days. I finished the Emilie mitts in a week. I've finished another set of zombies by taking Ben's advice and doing the green part of both first, then going back and finishing the legs. I started them last Friday and finished them last night.

At one point when my twins were small enough to not get into things I knit a whole dress in 2 weeks. (Let's not talk about it. The yarn is horrible and it doesn't look that great.) Knitting like that hasn't really happened since then. But now I seem to be picking up again. Although, getting paid is a big motivator. LOL! (Just bein' honest!)

I have 3 more items to finish - all Christmas presents. I'm completely booked until the 24th. Hopefully I can whip stuff out a little faster and get ahead of schedule. By the way - putting my Items To Knit on a calendar totally works. I can see how I'm doing, when my deadline is, and if I need to pick up the pace. Highly recommend it for anything that you might need to be getting done before Christmas. Kinda lights a fire under your butt.

So, if I can get everything finished by Christmas that leaves me the whole week afterward to attempt to finish (being positive!) the pink shawl.

Yeah. That one.

Ben will be home that whole week, so he can wrangle kids while I knit. Muahaha! Then I can finish out the year one a high note and gear up for the next order of zombies. 5! 5 zombies to come. It's an apocalypse I tell you! I could make a movie!

Anyone else on a crafting/cooking/shopping time crunch?? Only two weeks left!

Hyped on too much Pepsi and high on yarn fumes,

P.S. It's Friday! Woohoo!

P.P.S. Recently finished Zombie post coming - But I totally forgot to take pictures! Attempting to procure documentation of them in their new habitat.


William said...

I kinda feel bad about putting you in a situation where you're pretty much a one-woman sweatshop.

However, at least you're getting paid!

Also, I LOVE that you put a zombie on your banner.

Meg said...

Hey, I don't mind at all. I'm having a blast!

Banner Bill? I didn't do that! How'd he get up there?!

Rita said...

These are so cute; when I was first married; I used to have a pattern for littles dolls dressed like sailors.

Farm Girl said...

You make my day, and of course make me laugh. So glad you got so many Zombies out of the way.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Just had to tell you THANK YOU! Received my amazing shawl and it is a thing of beauty. A true work of art. I love it Thanks again for a wonderful gift I will treasure always. Susan

Kessie said...

Dang, that's a lot of zombies! Isn't money a wonderful motivator, though? It's why I do art commissions all the time. :-)

I'm in Virginia and I keep wishing I had brought that nice pink blanket you made Holly. I've kind of stolen it and use it to take naps under. Something so nice and warm would be nice out here in the arctic tundra.

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