December 7, 2010

The Street On Which I Live

In the comments of my power outage post, Allison asked to see a picture of our little street. The above picture is the view from our living room window today. It was the best picture I could get without people thinking I'm crazy (which they probably already do...).

Our neighborhood is about 25 years old. A few of our neighbors have been here since they developed the area. The houses are in very good shape for their age and we just love our little house.

We also love our little neighborhood. It's so quiet and peaceful. The neighbors are all so sweet. Most of our neighbors are older, with grandchildren, great-grandchildren and I'm pretty sure Clara & Norman have great-great-grandchildren.

Our house this last spring.

We all know nearly everything about everyone's business. Which might be kind of annoying to some people, but it's nice to us that everyone is on the look out. If something doesn't look right one of us will figure out what's going on. And when an ambulance shows up to one of the houses, nearly everyone is out to see what's going on.

We have a family our age that has a 9 month old baby who is so stinkin' cute he makes my belly ache. And a family with two little girls across the street. We feel like this little 6 house piece of the street is our extended family.

And it's perfect.

Have a wonderful day,


Kessie said...

You live in such a nice neighborhood. I'm glad you have good neighbors. :-)

Allison said...

Kessie is right... good neighbors are so important! THANKS for the pictures! And I love your house! It is just the right size, too; small enough that you can hear the family as they go about their business but big enough to have a little space for oneself. It looks so tidy, too!

The birds of paradise bring back LOTS of memories from my Arcadia childhood. And it looks like you have a nice green lawn! No drought this year? Hugs!!

Farm Girl said...

Yes, it is a nice neighborhood. I think that is why I loved my first house so much because my neighbors were like my extended family.
Your yard does look pretty and so does the house. Just perfect. I am glad that you live there.

Rita said...

Beautiful! Already anxious to see grass in our little corner.

texwisgirl said...

What a beautiful house and I love the way you described your neighborhood. :)

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