December 20, 2010

Drenched, In Black & White

Because those have been the colors around here for awhile.

It has been raining here none stop since Friday. And it's supposed to continue until Wednesday. This is incredibly unusual for our neck of the woods, but it's been wonderful!

Y'all know by now how much I love the rain.

We saw on the news this morning that there is severe flooding in the southern part of our town. I am thankful we're up above most of it. Even with all the rain, our street has been flood-less. Just our planters and low spots in the yard are all that are suffering.

This is a smaller version of the lake that we had around our shed. I told my mom-in-love that we had so much water the shed was starting to look like a house boat. Ben went out and dug a trench under the fence to allow the water to drain away, and this is what's left. It was a LOT bigger than that. We're afraid the whole thing might sink.

Can you see the rut from the rain dripping off our roof? If it keeps going like this we're going to see China.

Aside from a quick shopping trip on Saturday, we haven't been outside much this weekend. It's pretty cold rain (for us), with temperatures in the low 50s. The kids have been camped out watching movies most of the time, I've been knitting and baking of course, and Ben spent a lot of his time in the garage making this:

It's a fire poker and this picture does not do it justice. It's gorgeous in person. And amazing. He also made a shovel to match. His creative talent still blows me away. How he gets stuff like that to come out of his head, I do not know. And he did it all from one stick of 1/4" wide metal. Everything you see there he twisted, turned, hammered and shaped himself. No pre-made parts.

The only bad part about this rain is we are noticing a lot of leaks in our 25 year old wood shingle roof.  Or maybe that's a good thing. We were planning on putting off roof replacement another year or two, but have now decided to move that to the front of the list of things to do next year. Which is alright, because it will drop our home insurance premium by about 20% and up the value of our home. It's never dull around here!

I hope everyone else dealing with this storm is safe and dry!

Feeling like a drowned rat,


Rita said...

Hi Mef,
I was just reading your post today and I feel for you. We raised 4 boys and the rainy days were pretty miserable all around. Wishing you that the sun appears soon for you and your little troupers. That pocker is just beautiful; we have one very similar but.. store bought; not the same for sure.

Farm Girl said...

Yeah, I get the drowned rat thing, I have to take Sasha for a walk in it and then to feed the chickens is like playing slip and slide in mud up to my ankles. My chickens were good for a couple days but now it is really getting mushy and wet. I do like the poker I can't wait to see it in person.
Try and stay dry.

Rita said...

I meant Hi Meg of course!

Meg said...

Hi Rita!

Thanks for the encouragement. Trying to keep them occupied and from climbing the walls has been... fun. LOL!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Rain rain go away. Come again another day. Here's hoping your rain will go away.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

We're getting the same rain here too. The desert is ill-equipped to handle it, so we've had flooding lots of places too. My poor hubby has to work out in it.
Your husband does do amazing work!
Have a wonderful Christmas.

Allison said...

I remember when I was in school in southern California we would get to watch movies on rain days! Can you imagine that here? We've got more rain days than not... my kids would be in heaven! :)

Wish I could come over a knit with you for a spell. Warm hugs to you! And congrats to your hubby on his fire is FANTASTIC! My husband worked with iron for awhile as well and I have a lovely umbrella holder for all my rainy days! :D :D

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