December 22, 2010


After a temporary, slightly sunny break yesterday, our rain is back. We're supposed to be dry tomorrow and Friday, possibly wet on Christmas, and then dry again the beginning of the week. It's been so nice getting this much rain.

We're three days away from Christmas and I've hit a state of panic now. That means I have three days to do a TON of stuff and I'm starting to get a little crazy. I've noticed that when I'm overwhelmed with a lot of things to do sometimes I just shut down and don't get much of anything done. That's what I've felt like this week.

I have grocery shopping to do, two presents to finish knitting, baking and cooking prep, house cleaning to do... all before Friday night. It'll get done, and I really do have plenty of time. I just feel a little... manic right now.

The blue scarf continues. I work on it when we're watching shows, in the dark, when I don't need to see. It's nice to have a mindless-don't-need-to-pay-attention project again. I will probably be finished with it this weekend. I'm just going until I run out of yarn and I have one ball left.

You might not hear from me much over the next few days, due to my running away from home being busy. So if I don't see you before then...

Merry Christmas! I hope your holiday is peaceful, relaxing and filled with joy.

Now I'm off to knit while the kiddos are still asleep.



Farm Girl said...

Just remember, it will get done, it always does. Stop, and breathe and whatever doesn't get done was no big deal. I have spent more years than I care to count being where you are and because you are so gracious and are doing the cooking this year, for the first time in 30 years I am not stressed out. So thank you very much, this has been the best, stress free Christmas ever. I don't like it that you are overwhelmed.
I would say, just sit on the floor and play with the babies. That is what is most important.

I am baking stuff today, so I can bring all kinds of sweets and goodies so you don't have to do that if it will help. :)

I love you,

Rita said...

Bur I see grass and that gets me all excited; we are in slow for the next 3 months.
Happy holidays.

Allison said...

A very Merry Christmas to you, too, Meg! I hope your scarf gets done, but if it does will have it to do in the New Year! Just think... all those projects ahead of you!

Say, wait for me on the corner when you run away - I've got my knapsack packed and I'm coming with you! :D

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