December 12, 2010

Finished Knit: More Zombies!

I'm sure you're probably mindlessly bored of zombies by now. (Haha get it? Mindless? Zombie?)

But I use my blog as a sort of journal/portfolio of my finished knits through out the year so I (and others) can see what I got done.

So, more zombies! It's OK though, because they are quite a Thriller! (Michael Jackson? No? Ah, come on. I'm trying here!)

I'm getting so used to knitting them now, they don't take a lot of brain power. (Wah-waaaah.)

Thanks for the pictures, Jim!

Pattern: Bill the Zombie by Meg

Yarn: Drops Alpaca in "Dark Lime" and Knit Picks Essential in "Dusk" and "Camel" - just over 23, 18, and 32 yards, respectively per each zombie

Needles: US 1/2.25mm Susan Bates Quicksilver DPNs

Knitline: Dec 3rd - Dec 9th

YTD Mileage: 148 yards total for both zombies means 4.85 miles!

Happy Knitting,


Farm Girl said...

That is so funny, OMG!! You have me laughing so much. Well, I am glad you can knit them now without thinking. They are so cute.

Allison said...

These little dudes are fun! I thought of you the other night as I was wrapping a piece of Christmas chinz around the bottom of my tree... to knit or not to knit a tree skirt! But then I remember you saying what a pain it was, so I think Not To Knit! :D


Ola said...

funy guys! You are really talented!

Rita said...

I just love these; reminds of the little people I used to knit. Great Memories.

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