December 6, 2010

Thoughts on Fashion

After hearing a podcast in which they talked about a Vintage Knitting book, inspired by fashions from the 60's & 70's, it got me thinking.

I'm not a big fashion person. I don't typically follow the trends. I don't keep up with what's big and new. I just wear what I like and what I'm comfy in.

However, I do usually notice when certain "eras" come back in style and I just have to ask...



Why can't we bring back the cute, girly, sophisticated eras?

I'd wear it! All the time!

Born a few generations late,

Images from Swagbucks image search.


Kessie said...

I think we should figure out how to make those dresses and set our own fashions. I'd totally wear those!

Meg said...

Looks like I need to find some patterns!

Farm Girl said...

I think you should because that is adorable. You both would look so cute in that. I love that dress!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I would need to drop a few pounds and tone up my arms for this little number. How adorable is that dress?

Allison said...

Oh my, I so agree with you. The 80's are back in full swing here in Switzerland, with big bows on puffy blouses and ugly sole-less boots. I have wondered... "and of all the styles NOT to bring back...the 80s take the cake." Sigh.

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