December 23, 2010


After 9 hours

A few pounds of flour

Cups upon cups of sugar

A LOT of butter

Lots of stirring (my arm is sore)

A carton of eggs

Lots of standing (my legs are sore)

A ridiculous amount of electricity and natural gas

Various assorted other ingredients

A cooking show's worth of chopping, slicing, dicing, cooking, baking, mixing and pouring

 A killer three cheese omelet and a few cups of really strong black tea....



Farm Girl said...

Yay!!! I knew you could do it!! I am impressed.

Kessie said...

Now I'm really curious about what you might have made with all that butter. :)

Meg said...

Oh, you'll find out don't worry! :)

Allison said...

Well, I just got up - and after reading your post I'm ready to go back to bed and hibernate!! I have to go marketing this morning and ... ugh, ugh, ugh! I love how you buy your staples in big tubs. How convenient!!!

Merry Christmas Eve, Meg! (I waited for you last night on the corner in the pouring rain with an apple and a hunk of bread in my purse, but nobody came so I figured you'd decided on staying home and doing your bake-a-fest. :D Maybe next year!)

Rita said...

WOW What a kichen; love it.

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