January 11, 2011

365 Project :: Day 11

I know this is a horrible picture photographically speaking. But it's the only one I got today, and I think it's hilarious once you know the story behind it.

I snapped this with one hand out to the side as I was being trampled by my Duder. I was trying to get a picture of the cat who was crawling across my chest while I was laying on the floor, and as soon as I leaned back Duder seized the opportunity, jumped onto my stomach and started bouncing up and down as hard as he could, giggling all the way. You can see the slightly manic look in his eye.

I was trying to take the picture, breathe while laughing, and not pee my pants (from the extreme abuse to my bladder) all at the same time.

The 3-kids-against-1-mommy tickle war that ensued was the best part of my day.

Remember to roll around with your kids,


Farm Girl said...

Lovely picture. So glad they are well enough to roll all over mommy.

Allison said...

Ok, I will remember that, and try to laugh with them today!

I was just thinking about you and wondering how in the world you find a day to knit because your house is already clean... (previous post). How do you do it?

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a cutie. I miss days like that. Don't blink they will be in college before you know it.

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