January 18, 2011

365 Project :: Day 18

I was walking down the hallway and thinking that our runner has a very interesting texture. So it is today's picture.

Weird, I know.


Kessie said...

Nice depth of field!

Farm Girl said...

Well, it looked like a cracker to me. It looks very nice though.

myletterstoemily said...

excuse me, but as one who has always admired
your zombies, what am i supposed to make out
of this carpet? is it a grave yard or something
else. please excuse this intrusion into your

Meg said...

Lea, to tell you the truth..

I have no stinkin' idea. I guess I was just bored. Or really hard up for photo subjects. LOL! Yeah, let's uh.. go with "graveyard". I should have stuck Bill on it first.

Allison said...

It feels like a soft basket to me. If I were a cat, I would want to curl up on it and snooze. ;)

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