January 4, 2011

365 Project :: Day 4

Today's picture is of bins of yarn. And these aren't all of them either.

I did a yarn inventory yesterday for business/tax purposes. (And curiosity. And because I love spreadsheets.)

And I totaled up my yardage.

Are you sitting down?

53156 yards - And that's just what I've finished counting. It doesn't include a bag of alpaca yarn I need to weigh, and a few balls of unidentified yarns that were given to me.

That's OVER 30 MILES of yarn.

Just for perspective: It only takes about 12 miles to get all the way across town.

Buried in yarny goodness,


William said...

You're the yarniest person I know, but that still seems like an unreasonable amount of yarn. However, I figure that if anybody's gonna use it, it's gonna be you.

...Plus if money ever gets tight, you can sell skeins to yarn shops and make tens of dollars!

Changes in the wind said...

The best thing about your post? It makes me feel better about my stash:)

Dawn said...

hahaha...oh I love it!!!! You could start traveling around the world in a snowstorm and never get lost:))
I like the picture...you keep it all so neat:)
(Good thing too I suppose...otherwise you would have quite the "beautiful mess":))

Allison said...

Oh good grief. I just knew you were more organised than I am. I could tell by your neat house. Sigh...and sigh. Now I'm thinking I ought to take a trip to the goodwill and unload bags of my stuff on them!

Brenda said...

But do you have just the right yarn for the next project, that is the question? and if you don't then another purchase may be needed! :-) I have lots of quilting fabric in bins, and I never seem to have just the right fabric on hand to make something. Because, usually what happens to me is I see fabric and think, that would make a wonderful skirt, quilt, dress etc. and then I buy it and as of late, I don't get around to making the skirt, quilt, dress, so there it sits in the bins! Happy knitting!

Meg said...

Yep, that's the problem I have. Most of my yarn is of the "Hey, that would make a great X" variety, and then when I start a new project I of course don't have the right yarn in my stash!

Sandra said...

How big a smile I have, reading your post. I'm trying, ever so hard, to NOT buy any more yarn until I get some of mine worked up.
And it's hard. Oh how hard it is because there is so much great yarn rolling around in front of me bringing words like lust, covet, want and not need, to mind.
O Lordy, help me. Even with all the hospital knitting I'm getting done right now, it's not fast enough -LOL.

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