January 26, 2011

Wandom Wednesday

Kill the Wabbit!

Actually, no wabbits around here. Except maybe dust bunnies. Just felt like having an Elmer Fudd moment.

1. This morning, I decided to indulge in the ultimate simplicity that is scrambled eggs. It's been awhile since I've had just scrambled eggs. There's not much better.

2. Except maybe scrambled eggs with ketchup.

3. Mixing a bit of Ricotta cheese into the eggs before you cook them makes them wonderfully creamy.

4. I've had a smashingly painful headache off and on for 4 days now. I've noticed I only start to get it in the afternoon and during the night. It was so bad Sunday night that I was up every hour. I have been trying to figure out what the heck is giving me headaches, since I rarely get them, and these are the choices I've come up with:

a. The weather. Mayhaps we have a gigantonormeous storm coming and the pressure is squeezing my brain to death. Unlikely, since I don't normally react to weather patterns like this.

b. My mom's non-cancerous orange-sized tumor that was removed 2 years ago was actually hereditary and I'm starting to grow one. Also unlikely.

c. Change in diet. This too is unlikely since I haven't really changed my diet. And even on the rare occasion I get a caffeine headache, it never lasts this long or this strong.

d. I'm dieing. I'm leaning toward this answer because the first three are unlikely... and it seems like that's the only way I'll get rid of the damn headache.

5. Motrin is my friend.

6. I ripped out my attempt on the Valentine's mitts (again) last night and after some reworking, reknitting and recharting, I think I've finally settled on something that makes me happy and resembles the image in my brain. I'll post pictures of it when I get a bit farther.

7. Did I mention the yarn has silk in it? It shimmers in the light and it makes me happy.

8. Ben and I were discussing last night how we're feeling a bit depressed due to the lack of sun, warmth and green things. And what do we have this morning? Fog. Nature is a cruel and heartless woman. 

9. I'm so glad it's Wednesday, I can't wait for the weekend!

10. I got another order yesterday and this makes me very happy!

Happy Wednesday - and I hope yours is headache free,


Allison said...

The squeezed feeling I can definately relate to. We live in one of those iron pressure grips here between the plains and the "damn" alps (pardon my French). What? That wasn't French?

Farm Girl said...

It could be due to the fact you are a girl, or it could be the fog and a lack of sunlight. Or how much have you been using your eyes in poor light? I know that when I have been working a long time on a project that night I will wake up with a killer that seems to last days. I hope you aren't coming down with something you picked up over here. :)
Did you know sometimes Citrus will cause Migraines? could it be the oranges?

outdoor.mom said...

hope you feel better soon. i like eggs but (yuck) not with ketsup - maybe thats why you have a headache - your taste buds are seriously warped ;-) Just kidding. I have a weird sense of humor. Hopefully you could tell....

get outside and into that sun :-) Best wishes to you!!

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