January 17, 2011

Random: It's What's For Monday

A loaf of potato bread, ready to go in the oven.

1.Having a productive weekend makes for an awesome week beginning. I've finished the massive order of zombies, an order of fingerless mitts I got the day my shop launched (finish post coming once delivered), and am half way through another order. I'm hoping to start on some new mitt designs when I am in between orders.

2.Having twins is really hard sometimes. Not to say it's harder than singletons, but having two kids of the same age is difficult when they both have the same tempers at the same time. And they both have the same patience level as their mother... which is not a lot.

3. It's still really fun though.

4. I've come to the sad conclusion that I'm really just not good at taking pictures. I have also come to the conclusion that Ben is. I had him take pictures of the finished mitts while I modeled them and he did a really good job. I guess I'll just stick to the knitting.

5. Frying up a piece of leftover ham to have with breakfast is quite awesome. We've been doing it all weekend and I still have a quarter of a bag left.

6. I'm trying to be a good girl and get up early again. This morning was 5:30 and it was really easy. Unfortunately the first day is always the easiest. It's the days after less sleep that is hard.

7. I'm having a horrible desire to go on a fabric bender. I'm not sure why. I'm on Joann's mailing list and I keep seeing ads for these adorable, gorgeous prints. I think my sewing machine and I need some quality time together. This is reeeeally weird for me, being a yarn person and all.

8. I've put a moratorium on TV today and the kids are not happy with mommy about it. Sorry dudes. You get way too grumpy and bratty when you've been watching too much. A few days of grumpy attitudes while we adjust back to normal and I should be able to keep from killing them. (I know a lot of it is just the age too, but the TV doesn't help).

9. I've eaten way too much candy and sweets since the holidays and my body wants it all the time now. I must purge the sugar!

10. For those who were looking/wanting the Bean Soup recipe you can find it here. I just added a ton of extra ham, stuck in the ham bone for flavor, and added twice the liquid to account for the extra meat.

Happy Monday,


Farm Girl said...

I just love these kinds of posts. I am so impressed that you have had that many orders so fast. Good for you. Ron always did take better pictures than me that is why It has taken me so long to want to, Don't give up the want too.

Kessie said...

Don't decide you can't take pictures right after getting your expensive camera! Besides, you have, what, over 300 more pictures to go? :-)

Your potato bread looks yummy.

Mimi said...

Meg I have to disagree with #4. I think you do a wonderful job taking pictures and I look forward to seeing them every day! Keep 'em coming.....please.

Jennifer said...

I love reading your blog.

Allison said...

I hear you on the TV! They get crazed after a while, and I put a limit on it, too. I tell them.. "Outside with you!" and they whine and cry, finally go out, and come in two hours later happy and windblown. It can be a fight, but it's worth it!

I love the fabrics... and you take great pictures (really!).

A happy Tuesday to you, Meg. :)

Changes in the wind said...

Love your daily blogging and thanks for the recipe:)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

We've turned off the t.v. many times over the years. Even now, it's limited watching. You're so right, it makes them grumpy. They need to be active, and t.v. doesn't do that.(Unless your mom and you're playing Wii, that might be a little too much activity!)
I loved your list...I can always relate to the twin parts!

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