January 11, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Today is dark and gloomy, the babies seem to be better, bread is made, and my house is clean! (It's amazing how much housework you can get done when the kiddos will only sit on the couch and watch movies.)

That means knitting. All day long!

What you see above is the current batch of zombies, stuffed and ready for clothes to be made and faces to be created.

I have so many designs in my head that I need to get out. I've been drawing them out, but my hands are itching to make them. I have orders to finish first though.

Since I seem to be running out of post ideas for now I thought I would try answering questions y'all might have. Just leave the question in the comments and I'll answer it/them in a later post. It can be about anything you want!

Blogging with a cat on my neck,


Farm Girl said...

Your own zombie Armageddon. That is a bunch! So Stan was cold? Cats are such warmth vampires.
I am glad they are sitting on the couch and Ben talked about how good your bread is on Sunday. :)

Allison said...

Oh goody! I have a question I have been itching to ask. Do you live out in the country or in a suburb? Your mother-in-law lives on a farm, and you can drive over for Thanksgiving... I can do the math! :) And I have felt nosey asking. So... that is what I would ask. Country or city? Southern or northern California? (get ready... after that I'll be asking things like: Do you make your kids home-made breakfast or is it cereal?).

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Because I admire your talent so, I would like to ask you this question. Who taught you to knit?

Kessie said...

Would you like a jar of marmalade? :-)

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