January 6, 2011

365 Project :: Day 6

Today's picture is the inside of our busted internet router!

It decided to crap out last night around midnight with an incessant clicking and blinking of the should-have-been-green-but-it-was-red power light. This caused me to groggily stumble in, become sleepily irate at not knowing why it was doing that, and unplug it.

Upon plugging it in again this morning, it angrily (and loudly) buzzed at me. It was fried.

Which caused me to be internetless until Ben got home. *Sigh*

A quick trip to Best Buy and what I consider to be too stinkin' much money for a router later, we have a new one! And I have my internets back. I've missed you all!

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William said...

Routers are just like robot women: You can't like with them because of their incessant buzzing and clicking, and when you dismantle them, you can't fix them by yourself. Also, they're too expensive.

I think my imagination has had too much caffeine.

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