January 6, 2011


I've been a basket case lately. I haven't been sleeping well, and I spend a lot of time in my head sort of freaking out.

I'm nervous.

I'm starting a business, and it's a little nerve-wracking. The funny thing is I've done this before.

I started my own web design business at 18. But it didn't involve tangible products, I didn't have to worry about sales tax or anything fancy, and I ended it a year later to get married and have babies. (A much better job in my opinion.)

However, even having been through it before, this time it seems... harder.

Maybe because I'm attempting to sell a part of myself. Uhh.. That didn't come out right. I'm trying to sell something I love so much and put so much time into.

My knitting. My soul, almost.

I'm nervous that no body will like my stuff.

That nobody will buy my stuff.

I'm nervous people will buy my stuff, but something will happen - like a freak postal error - the first time out and doom me forever.

I'm nervous about getting things done, and schedules, and running a successful online business.

I'm going crazy.

I've told Ben all this and he says to just give it some time. Let it build. Get my name out there. And I know he's right. It's just... hard.

I know if nothing else I'll be good at the bookkeeping!

I've got my FBN statement, and my Seller's Permit came today. I'm official now.

Now I just have to suck it up and do it. I'm hoping to launch my shop soon... Stay tuned.

And wish me luck!

A little shaky,


Jennifer said...

Your product are great! You don't worry. If people like them, they like them. If they don't, they don't! Don't worry about pleasing everyone. Just make what you like. I have had my products online and in stores and at shows and sometimes I get stressed, and sometimes I don't care. Ask me anything you want if you have questions. I did realize a while ago that I won't become rich selling stuff, it is just a fun way to be appreciated for my love of "making"! I think you probably feel the same way. Just keep good records for the IRS.

"I will both lie down and sleep in perfect peace, because, O Lord, you care for me".

Ps. 4:8

Good luck, lady!

Jennifer said...


Farm Girl said...

I am a nervous wreck and I don't have a business to start or run or make things for. I think it is post Christmas blahs. We have been running and running since what Halloween? Then it just stops, my energy goes berserk and I start having panic attacks and nightmares and all kinds of weird stuff. I had to sit down with Ron last night and go over all of these fears that are living in my head.
Out of the hundred that were banging away, only one or two were of any consequence.
So I hope that is all it is, I hope you do start sleeping.
I will put you on my prayer list for sweet sleep.

Mom said...

Ah Babygirl... if you could see yourself from our perspective... you wouldn't have a fear or worry in the world. You are amazing. Creative, organized, talented, capable, brilliant. There is nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it. God gave you all this talent and ability - it just bursts out of you. Trust in Him, trust yourself, and know that you have the biggest team rooting you on and supporting you. (And bring the kids by so you can take a nap, if you need to.) :) Love ya -

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