January 14, 2011

Random For The Week

 Random shot of Ben playing

Today is Friday and what better day to be random than the last day of the week?

1. As much as it sucked having sick kids, it sure is a lot easier to get things done when all they'll do is sit and watch movies.

2. I have THE BEST blogging friends ever. You guys are awesome.

3. Acrylic is not nice to my hands. It's slow moving and makes them cramp up. For this reason, I'm finding a deep love of wool and/or other natural fibers.

4. I've found the best way to get a lot of knitting done! Put the boys down for a nap, and pop in a Harry Potter movie. 2-3 hours of uninterrupted production!

5. After knitting a bajillion zombies on tiny size 1/2.25 mm needles, size 2/2.75mms feel fat.  It's kind of funny since they're still small.

6. Ben got me an electric knife for Christmas (which the boys are calling "Mommy's Sawzall") and it's so awesome. It made cutting through a ham last night no work at all!

7. My sister-in-law has been talking about making lemon marmalade and it makes me think I may have found something to do with the mound of peaches I have in the freezer from this summer.

8. Have a mentioned I'm ready for spring? Some warmth and sun and being outside would be nice.

9. It's Friday! Happy Friday!!


Kessie said...

I was looking dubiously at those mounds of frozen peaches in my own freezer. I don't really like peach jam, but I was pondering just canning them in chunks. I adore canned peaches. Do you think it would work okay with peaches that had been frozen?

Meg said...

You'll probably lose a lot of the firmness since they will break down once you defrost them. I think frozen peaches are going be better suited to either cooking or mashing in some way (i.e. jam/jelly/marmalade/etc). Or, smoothies!

Allison said...

I love your list, Meg! I spent all day cleaning and now my house is tidy and pretty and cozy. It is so warm here I can wear just a light jacket, and so... I too have been hankering for spring.

And I saw tulips at the market the other day!! A harbinger of brighter days. Hugs!

Farm Girl said...

I like you list and if you need lemons/oranges/ blood oranges I am the woman to see. I keep picking and it looks like I am hardly putting a dent in them. The oranges are the best we have ever had. The lemons have always been nice but they are really good too. I didn't remember if your Mom had a orange/lemon tree or not.

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