January 10, 2011

Looks Like It's Going To Be A Monday

I got the babies out of their room this morning to find Duder crying and Tyler complaining about a tummy ache. Which he was complaining about last night too.

Duder has been acting like he has the flu - complete with a projectile vomitting incident - but he's always so happy even when he's sick it's hard to really tell if it's the flu or just a fluke incident. I'm betting on the flu though, since Tyler has been fussing about his tummy.

I hate when my babies are sick. Especially when it's something I can't really fix. Seeing my babies (or Ben, for that matter) sick or hurt and not being able to make it better is the worst thing. At least I will get lots of snuggles from babies who are usually too cool for mom.

And thank goodness for PBS and Pixar movies. They are a life saver.

Well, today is still Monday and that means cleaning house, doing laundry, and making bread (hopefully). I have an order of zombies to finish over the next few days, an Emilie order to start, and I'm trying to get some patterns written out.

I'm ready for Spring. I'm tired of cold and clouds and I want warmth and blue sky and flowers and all the nice spring things. Like opening the house and getting fresh air. But alas, I still have at least two months to wait.

I hope y'alls Monday isn't too bad.

Love ya,


Kessie said...

Holly got up this morning with a runny nose, so I'm regretting taking them to the playground yesterday. It must just be Sick Week. I'm expecting Alex to catch it here in a day or two.

Do you munchkins make it to the bathroom or a bucket, or do they just barf when the need arises?

Meg said...

Tyler knew what was coming and ran to the toilet. Duder, unfortunately, was at the dinner table when he.. um.. you know.

Farm Girl said...

Well, gosh, so sorry you guys are sick and I was missing all of the little guys so much and hoping for a hang out at grandmas day but with everyone home and starting new jobs and of that stuff, they would string me up my my nails. Get well soon okay. Grandma is having baby withdrawal. I suppose I can wait though, :) What a hard hearted woman I am. :(

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Oh the poor babies. I hate when my kids are sick, and they are in college. Some motherly things never change.

Allison said...

Monday was great! But this morning as I took my littlest to the eye doctor, she threw up all over the parking lot. I had to hold her up so it wouldn't get on her legs, but it splashed her feet...and somehow I feel unashamed writing this on your blog! Why is that? I'm laughing so hard right now. I guess I'll post this comment anyway..but .... RANDOM! :D

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