January 18, 2011

Present For You

The promise of the spring that will be coming soon.

I don't have anything big to post about today but I wanted to make a quick post to let you all know how much I love and appreciate you.

You're all so kind and sweet and encouraging with your comments. You don't know how many days I have been in a funk and it all gets fixed with just one short sentence from one of you. 

I'm so glad you like reading and visiting. 

The flower above is a present for all of you from me. :)

Love ya,

P.S. I won't give up taking pictures! Especially since I have my wonderful camera. I just get a little discouraged sometimes. But that was the point of the 365 project. Practice, practice, practice...


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Thank you for the beautiful flower. It was my first flower of the New Year.

Allison said...

Is this from your own backyard? It's lovely! We were finally getting little spring flowers outside when this morning we woke up to falling snow! Come over for cocoa? :)

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