January 29, 2010

Favorite Thing Friday: Clothespins!

This is probably one of my weirder posts. Some of you are probably thinking "What the heck? Clothespins??" Well, I have to admit... I love clothespins. They're so versatile! We use them for everything around here. I've used them to not only hang clothes, but we also use them for holding chip bags closed (no need for fancy "chip clips"), I've used them to hold up the boys' pants and also to clip towels behind necks when I'm cutting hair. I'm planning on gluing magnets to the back of a few to hang on the fridge for holding things. They also work in a pinch (pun intended) if you run out of paper clips. I think they're just great for so many things! And since you can get a bajillion in a package for around 2 bucks or less, they're totally worth it.

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